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Peconic Bay Scallop Adult Population Die-Off

November 8th, 2019 PECONIC BAY SCALLOP ADULT POPULATION DIE-OFF During the past week, we have received inquiries regarding the current situation of Peconic Bay Scallops in our waters. We at the Peconic Estuary Program are deeply saddened by the scallop die-off that has transpired in the Peconic Bays. We have been aware of this situation […]

By The Peconic Estuary Program

Terrapin Monitoring – My Experience as a Peconic Estuary Program Intern

By Kaitlin Morris In addition to monitoring horseshoe crabs in the middle of the night (see my other blog post), I also monitored nesting diamondback terrapins during the day! The diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin) is easily distinguished by the diamond-shaped, concentric rings on its shell. This turtle species spends its entire lifecycle in the brackish […]

By Kaitlin Morris

Horseshoe Crab Monitoring – My Experience as a Peconic Estuary Program Intern

By Kaitlin Morris It was after two in the morning and so foggy that I could hardly tell the moon was full through the warm, hazy air. It was a horseshoe crab monitoring night and my fellow intern, Julie, and I were walking along the shoreline at Squires Pond, Hampton Bays in search of mating […]

By Kaitlin Morris

La Importancia del Estuario Peconic

We created a video in Spanish (with English subtitles) about the importance of the Peconic Estuary. Check it out! Hemos creado un video en español (con subtítulos en inglés) sobre la importancia del estuario Pecónico. ¡Échenle un vistazo!

By The Peconic Estuary Program

10 Ways to Show Love for Estuaries

1. Fertilize responsibly, if at all. One of the biggest issues that the Peconic Estuary faces is nutrient pollution. Fertilizer uses nitrogen and phosphorus to help plants grow on land, but it also feeds algae if it runs off the land into water. This can lead to harmful algal blooms, which use up oxygen and […]

By Jenna Schwerzmann

8 Reasons to Love Estuaries

1.Estuaries are beautiful places to live and visit. People are drawn to the scenic rivers, beaches, forests, and surrounding areas of the Peconic Estuary. Our year-round population is about 100,000 people, which nearly triples in the summer. This is incredibly important for the East End economy. Local restaurants, marinas, shops, and other businesses frequented by […]

By Jenna Schwerzmann

Celebrate World Wetlands Day – Living Shorelines

Celebrate World Wetlands Day by reading about the benefits that Living Shorelines provide for our community. Blog: Living Shorelines Vs. Hardened Shorelines in the face of climate change

By The Peconic Estuary Program

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