Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Workgroup for Inclusion and Environmental Justice

We at the Peconic Estuary Partnership (PEP) have taken time over the past few months to reflect on how we, as a partnership of scientists, educators, public and private institutions, can act to change the racial disparity in our own small corner of the world and contribute to this change in the wider world. As a partnership-based organization, we strive to include members that represent all of our communities and work by policies of inclusivity and environmental justice that will result in integration in all of our communities. As a team, we are engaging in conversations throughout our partnership about issues of equity and race and hope that we can advance these conversations throughout the East End of Long Island.

At PEP, we are challenging ourselves to do more. We are reassessing all of our work in all of our communities to respond to this critical issue. We are forming a workgroup to formulate and implement a strategy of inclusion and environmental justice, both pillars of our organization that have yet been realized to their full potential.

We ask members of our community who wish to join us in this endeavor to reach out to ( and let us know of your interest in being involved in this workgroup; including all of your voices is important to us. We will keep you informed on the progress of this and announcements will be made throughout the process.

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