Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Pick Up Animal Waste

Pick up animal waste to protect the health of the community and the environment!

Pick it up for our healthPick up your pet waste sign posted be the Fleet's Neck Association.

Animal waste contains disease causing pollutants and bacteria. If left on the ground, rainstorms and snow melt wash these wastes into nearby bodies of water.

These contaminants in local waters can lead to shellfishing closures and/or swimming closures to protect human health. If we eat contaminated food, or swim in contaminated water, we can get sick! Pet waste can make the local beach unclean and unsanitary for people to play and enjoy. Although you may only have one or two dogs, on the east end there are thousands. Together we can make a big difference by doing a simple and easy action.

Pick it up for the community

It is also just the considerate thing to do. You don’t like stepping in it and your neighbors certainly don’t either!

Do your part to keep our community and local waters clean and healthy!

  • Bring plastic bags with you when you walk your dog- tie bags to your dogs leash so you don’t forget.
  • Take advantage of bag dispensers and talk to your town or village representatives about making sure they are continually stocked and added in all pet frequented locations (preferably with garbage pails nearby).
  • Encourage your friends and family to clean up after their pet too.People and dogs enjoying a walk. Peconic Estuary Program pet waste bags.

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