Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Sag Harbor Stormwater Control Project

PEP is allocating $190,000 of BIL funds towards this stormwater control project

Sag Harbor Village sits on the North Shore of the South Fork, split between the Town of Southampton and East Hampton. With a large tourism economy and bustling marinas, clean water is of the upmost importance. Unfortunately, due to issues such as stormwater runoff, water quality has been affected and local beaches have been closed to swimming.

This project will provide stormwater remediation in Sag Harbor Cove and Havens Beach with four green infrastructure installations. These will manage stormwater and filter pollutants before the water reaches Sag Harbor Bay. The project is a NYS designated environmental justice area.

  • Improve water quality
  • Increase coastal resilience in an area prone to flooding and experiencing increased precipitation
  • Provide education to the local community about climate change, coastal adaptation and stormwater management using green infrastructure.

This site will include rain gardens and road amendments for increased stormwater capacity.

Source: PEP

This site will include re-grading and amendments using pervious pavement

Source: PEP

Action 14: Increased public awareness of anticipated impacts of climate change in the Peconic Estuary and practical ways to mitigate and prepare for them

Action 21: Expand non-point source sub-watershed management plans to all pathogen-impaired waterbodies and continue to use existing plans.

In progress

PEP Funding secured for BIL year 1 funds: $190,000

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