Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Broad Cove Preserve

Not Yet Open To The Public

764 Hubbard Ave, Aquebogue NY 119014

Image Source: Rachel Friedman, PEP Outreach Assistant

Broad Cove Preserve is located on a former duck pond. The gorgeous coastline property in Flanders Bay is set on 25 acres of tidal wetlands and 8,000 feet of shoreline on Terry Creek and Broad Cove. 

This 100-acre waterfront land is located within a NYSDEC proposed environmental justice area. This site is near the Bell Town Cultural Heritage Area making it a prime candidate for environmental justice initiatives.  Public access to water is an increasingly important issue in the Peconic Watershed, and this project aims to restore access for the local community.

The land at 764 Hubbard Ave, Aquebogue NY 11901 was purchased by The Peconic Land Trust on December 31 2021 to be turned into a nature preserve. The preserve is not yet open to the public.

Images Source: Rachel Friedman, PEP Outreach Assistant


  • Implementation of the Invasive species plan with our partners New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and The Long Island Invasive Species Management Area(LIISMA)
  • Revegetation of the living shoreline for erosion control
  • The creation of a permeable parking lot for increased public access
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • Continued expansion of the trail system
  • Development of educational signage
  • Creation of onsite educational programming
  • Installing educational and community-driven infrastructure
  • Onsite capacity building activities

Image Source: Rachel Friedman, PEP Outreach Assistant and Jade Blennau, PEP Coastal Resilience and Communities Coordinator

Action 9: Incorporate environmental justice considerations into public outreach

Action 12: Mitigate climate change through coastal ecosystem management

Action 14: Increase public awareness of the anticipated impacts of climate change in the Peconic Estuary

In Progress

Invasive plant removal and planting of native plants as begun.

Permeable parking and access plans have been approved by The Town of Riverhead

PEP is using Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Year 2 and Year 3 Funds: $150,000

The Peconic Land Trust was able to purchase the land with funds from six lines of credit provided by Trust supporters totaling at $11.5 million for the purchase and $500,000 for carrying costs

Peconic Land Trust

Town of Riverhead

The Peconic Land Trust’s Broad Cove Website Page

Site Priority Plan

Invasive Species Plan

Broad Cove Arial Map Peconic Land Trust WEBP

Source: Peconic Land Trust

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