Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Southampton Riverside Wetland Restoration and Community Access

PEP is allocating $100,00 of BIL funds to wetland restoration in the identified area of the Riverside Redevelopment Plan

The Riverside Community in the Town of Southampton, bordering the Peconic River. In 2015 The Town of Southampton identified this wetland in their Redevelopment Plan for the Riverside Community.

This project will focus on wetland restoration in the identified areas, as well as increased water access and enhanced climate resiliency. The concept plan is a community-driven wetland restoration. It prioritizes water access and education for the local community. Additionally, the site is located in a NYS Identified Environmental Justice Area.

  • Protect and restore critical habitats, including wetlands
  • Protect and restore water quality
  • Improve ecological integrity and economic well-being
  • Address challenging issues in an EPA-designated National Estuary Program(NEP)
  • Promote the adoption of green infrastructure
  • Develop strategies for disadvantaged communities to
    • Have increased water access
    • Enjoy and benefit from surface waters
    • Participate in ecosystem restoration
    • Engage in educational and capacity-building activities
  • PEP has completed a conceptual design
  • Southampton will receive funds to carry out the plan for the eastern wetlands in the riverside area
  • This plan is moving forward in partnership with Flanders-Riverside Northampton Community Association (FRNCA)

PEP secured funding for BIL year 1: $100,000

Action 9: Incorporate environmental justice considerations into public outreach

Action 14: Increased public awareness of anticipated impacts of climate change in the Peconic Estuary and practical ways to mitigate and prepare for them.

Action 31: Use available habitat and quality assessment tools to prioritize wetland restoration projects for implementation.

Town of Southampton

Flanders-Riverside Northampton Community Association (FRNCA)

Scope of Work

Technical Proposal

Source: PEP

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