Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee oversees and approves workplans and budgets.

The Policy Committee consists of representatives from EPA, NYSDEC, Suffolk County, and local government. Currently, the representatives are the EPA Director of the Division of Clean Water, Regional Director of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Suffolk County Executive, and an agreed upon representative of local government. The Policy Committee approves the workplan and budgets, approves Action Plans and the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, and resolves policy issues, including those identified by the Management Committee.

Committee Chair: Javier Laureano, PhD  (USEPA  Region 2 Clean Water Division, Director)

Voting Members

EPA: Javier Laureano, PhD (USEPA  Region 2 Clean Water Division, Director)

NYSDEC: Catherine Haas (NYSDEC Region 1, Director)

Suffolk County: Peter Scully (Suffolk County Deputy County Executive)

Local Government: Scott Russell (Supervisor Town of Southold)

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