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Citizens' Advisory Committee

Everyone is welcome to attend a CAC meeting and become a partner of the Peconic Estuary Program and a voice for your community. 

Please attend the next meeting of the PEP Citizens’ Advisory Committee!

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The Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of members of the public that have interest in preserving and protecting the Peconic Estuary. The CAC is an autonomous group. Additional individuals may join the CAC as they please. Involvement of the CAC is vital in the success of the PEP as the citizens who are involved act as PEP ambassadors to the communities and groups within the Peconic Estuary watershed.

Citizen involvement, support, and awareness of environmental issues in the Peconic Estuary are the foundation to the success of the Peconic Estuary Program since the program was established in 1992. The CAC helped to guarantee broad-based public input in the development of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan published in 2001 and now during the revision process.

Through the CAC, the Peconic Estuary Program continues to educate, involve, and gain the support of the public. The CAC continues to play a vital role in the Peconic Estuary Program by functioning as a forum for discussion and education. Members of the CAC serve as ambassadors for the Peconic Estuary Program in East End communities and you can too by discussing CAC Ambassador Talking Points with your community.


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Committee Chair : Kevin McDonald, The Nature Conservancy

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