Protecting & Restoring Long Island's Peconic Bays

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Check out these videos produced by the Peconic Estuary Program! Learn about PEP and current efforts to improve fish habitat and reduce nitrogen pollution and stormwater runoff!

PEP Citizen Science

PEP Citizen Science (Español)

A Fly Over the Peconic River

Peconic Estuary Program – Getting to know our estuary!

Alewife at Woodhull Dam

Woodhull Dam, is located on the Little River, a tributary of the Peconic River. This dam currently prevents the largest population of river herring on Long Island from reaching critical spawning habitat.  Approximately 50,000 – 80,000 fish spawn below the dam each year in a stalled effort to reach upstream habitat.

Combatting Nitrogen in the Peconic Estuary

Peconic Estuary Program’s Riverhead Rain Garden

Fish Migration in the Peconic River

Peconic Estuary Program Rain Barrel Day

Peconic Estuary Program’s Focus on The Peconic Estuary


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